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Welcome to Horizontal s.r.o.

Horizontal s.r.o. is an application and software development solutions company located in Slovakia. Established in 2014, Horizontal s.r.o. is a company that provides reliable, cost effective and high quality software to our clients. Our aim is to offer web accessible, user-centered design, programming, SEO and other maintenance under one roof. We have a passionate team that strives to deliver tangible business results enabling our clients to profit from the advanced use of technology. Right now, the services and products that we have are already well known in different parts of the globe because of our team’s excellent performance and great dedication to help online businesses grow further.

We have almost 5 years of experience in the field of application development, web development, web programming, software development, software outsourcing, SEO and many other areas. We have the most competitive team of web developers who possess comprehensive experience in the process of creating a set of customized software and applications for web development. The developers helped our company become the best provider of application development for all kinds of online businesses in this world nowadays. Businessmen like you will surely like the fact that all of our products and services are affordable yet very efficient when it comes to the process of increasing the daily revenue and traffic of an online business.

Our professionals at Horizontal s.r.o. are ready to help you and guide you in application, web design & development, software development, software outsourcing, offshore outsourcing, E-commerce websites, OS Commerce websites, web programming, SEO, content writing, graphic design and other services. We offer you the best services that can increase the sales of your company.

Why Us?

By choosing to partner with Horizontal s.r.o., you can be guaranteed to have a full-functioning application and website that will effectively reach your targeted audience and help increase your company’s online profile. Availing any service can ensure that your company gets an edge in the increasingly competitive online market because we make sure that your website is professionally built and works across multiple screen sizes and device types including cell phones, iPads and other tablets.


 Our Design

Our highly trained design teams will work to balance the latest trends in web with what works best for your specific business.

Professional Support

Members in our team are here to help you, when your stuck just give us a call and will do our best to help you.

Ongoing Maintenance

You will have unlimited access to your dedicated web apps specialist, who will personally implement all changes and updates at your request.

Exclusive Features

Database integration, customized widgets, graphic design & other animation, enhanced security features, dynamic form creation, custom navigation and many more!

Easy Customization

Work directly with a dedicated web design professional to build a site from scratch, simultaneous harnessing our experience and talent along with your industry expertise and vision.

Save Your Money

Often budgets do not keep up with technology, HORIZONTAL need to work smart to provide our clients the best and most current services at a reasonable cost.


Horizontal s.r.o. is a web application development company that combines industry-best practices for user experience, performance and cloud infrastructure with the proven business acumen to help your project succeed. Our implementation of responsive web design practices and other modern standards guarantees an unforgettable user experience. Whether your application is a small internal system that helps your team work more efficiently or a multi-million user consumer app, our team can help starting with strategy all the way through delivery and maintenance.

Web Application Development

Whether its internal inventory management, customer portals, online stores or key integrations with third party vendors, our custom web application development can help. Web apps offer custom solutions for unique needs; these applications utilize web and browser technologies to accomplish tasks over network.



HOROZONTAL is specialized in the development of custom software applications so as to tailor to your business needs, aims and objectives. We develop and given solutions for simple website, Advanced Website, Ecommerce portal, CMS Websites as per our client requirement by using latest technologies.



More and more users turn to mobile viewing devices when utilizing the Web than ever before. Guaranteeing accessibility of your site, our team specializes in mobile development, creating a natural, seamless interface to ensure clients have full access and a high quality experience regardless of viewing device.

Cloud / SaaS Development

HORIZONTAL offers cloud development and cloud deployment platforms to design, develop and deliver data-driven SaaS applications. Our SaaS cloud computing-based framework is specifically designed to expose defined business processes for integration within and between applications and organizations.

Odoo -


With thousands of business applications, get all the features you need in one single solution. Once you use Odoo for one application, you get the flexibility to deploy new apps and launch new departments. Our expert resources have gained the core working knowledge of Odoo’s pure modular structure.

Web Design &

Development Services

Our skilled team of web developers builds highly responsive sites using multiple languages, technologies and sound code. Understanding the user experience is paramount, our developers keep flawless functionality, as well as mobile-friendliness, at the forefront of their process.

Content Mangement Systems - CMS

A CMS is nothing but a record or tracker of all the contents in your website. In simplest terms, a CMS is a software package that facilitates the creation, publishing, distribution, organization and management of online content. They do not require any skills or expertise to handle or to learn. It is user-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of web marketing. At Horizontal s.r.o., we not only help you create a website that perfectly matches your company’s needs, we also help make your website visible on various search engines online. We offer a customized approach to your web marketing needs.

Graphic Design

In a website design, the appearance and the entire setting of the web page are the deciding factors in attracting customers. A pleasing and elegant looking website attracts customers and makes them curious. This brings about an increase in the market of the products thus upgrading our mutual benefit.


Horizontal s.r.o. offers high-end web and mobile application development services on a world-wide scale. Our clients range from ISVs and ASPs to non-IT ventures and entrepreneurs, from ambitious start-ups to leading industry veterans.

We know that clients’ aims and needs are inextricably linked to a business domain situation and delve not only into technical aspects of a project, but also into business environment to find the best option for our clients, depending on their business drivers, size, activities and project scope. Not only do we listen to what our clients want but we also HEAR what they actually need. Horizontal s.r.o. team feels committed to provide great value and has a genuine desire to become part of our clients’ success.

Horizontal s.r.o. clear insight into clients' requirements and in-depth understanding of business domain trends have translated into an array of successful software development projects in various market niches. Our custom approach helped Horizontal s.r.o. generate premium clients from Russia, Europe, among others.

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